Fair, Firm, Fun

“Hey team, what’s your opinion about this task?, Do you agree with this solution? Common it’s okay to make mistakes. Try not to repeat. It’s okay, how can we resolve it together, and find an alternate solution?”

Do you see how the above questions could possibly make a difference to positively manage the team?

Fair, Firm, Fun are the three simple principles I adapt to manage and lead the team at the workplace. Probably this Mantra is well suited for every effective relationship too.

Fair – treat them equal, involve everyone, make them important, recognise. After all, it’s an interdependent world. Take them along. Maybe the process is a bit stress full, end of the day you will learn so much. “Two heads are better than one” isn’t it?

Firm – sama = you will treat them equal, Dana = you will forgive (Dana can mean give), Bedha = you will ignore/differentiate as to show them that you are not okay with them to get them back to track, Danda = you will punish if required. How do you decide of which phase does your team member belong to? Observe each move, but stay calm, be fair, walk the talk.

Fun – it’s not just cracking jokes, but being with them when required, so they feel you are there to rely upon, so they can take that moment break to breath deep and smile, laugh. And they’re sure, their day is pleasant with you.

It is absolutely essential to be invisible on the floor yet bond them all together.

They (the enlightened) say, what you experience from outside is your own reflection. So what do you want to expect from them today? … “SMILE!”

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