Hi there… This is Amogha. I’m born and bread from Mangalore, a Harbor City from India. You know? One would want to associate him/her self every time when he/she is truly in love with “it, that, she, he etc…, that is how Mangalore is to me. I’m a Mangalorean.

I call this online space as “perspectives – the world as I see.” The content what you go through here are my perspectives, day to day lessons – should I say? I think without (perspectives) which I may not be existing here.

Perspectives helps think various dimensions of a single subject. Probably that is what is helping me understand every moment as “there is nothing good nor bad, nothing right nor false, nothing beautiful neither ugly”. Again, this is my perspective, for now, you know what I meant.

Learning new things keeps me busy. That’s why I have several interests. Say Music, Sports, Cooking, Traveling etc. In a way it’s true, no one can be perfect, They can only keep progressing understanding the subject or a matter of interest. So to keep this monkey-like mind a bit stable, I keep learning, unlearning and re-learning.

Mmmm… Do you want to know about my profession? Here you go. After completing my post graduation from Mangalore I moved in search of the right job, explored many opportunities and kind of realised that I’m an evolving possibility. On my professional path, I’ve gained knowledge in Marketing, Social Media, Education, Franchise Management, IT Project Management, Account Management, etc. As of now, I work for a company called The Tribe as a Digital Project Manager.

For bla bla bleh bleh or collaboration reach me on my email or phone:

E: amogha.mangalore@gmail.com

P: 00971 55240 7671

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You see, that’s our recent visit to Modesh World at DWTC 🙂 Tag it #FatherandSon