When to make my child learn music?

When to make my child learn music? That's a question many parents ask themselves. Let us explore what music means to us. Music is an amazing way to connect with your children whether they are babies or a little older. There's music everywhere. In the calling bell, in rain drops , on television and various … Continue reading When to make my child learn music?



Some times even pretending like nothing i know - inspires, start my C scale from scratch. Learn, Unlearn, Relearn is the process, cycle to re-fill, know that it can be emptied. Above track i have produced using Ableton Live 10 and its presets.

Responsive Website Design (RWD)

Whenever I'm involved in designing a new website or rewamping an existing one I follow these methods to include the responsive aspects to the layout - "Progressive Advancement", "Graceful degradation."It is quite obvious these days that we all tend to use our phones more to browse the internet. Research stats have continuously proven that users … Continue reading Responsive Website Design (RWD)