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Responsive Website Design (RWD)

Whenever I'm involved in designing a new website or rewamping an existing one I follow these methods to include the responsive aspects to the layout - "Progressive Advancement", "Graceful degradation."It is quite obvious these days that we all tend to use our phones more to browse the internet. Research stats have continuously proven that users… Continue reading Responsive Website Design (RWD)

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Wireframe – Frankenstein approach

One of the fastest ways to get your design ideas out of your head is to draw them straight on a piece of paper. Although, there are several tools available out there like Visio, Balsamiq etc. probably nothing is convenient than hand sketching.  OK, in this article I am talking about one of the early… Continue reading Wireframe – Frankenstein approach

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Simplicity – a fundamental principle of product development

"Think like a user," said my boss when I first joined the company. We were working on a landing page strategy. He asked me a question "Do you think your grandmother can easily navigate through this page and take the action as we expect?". Wait a minute. Why would I build this page for my grandmother? Although… Continue reading Simplicity – a fundamental principle of product development