Baare nammani thanaka – Bhajan

Following is a Bhajan i was able to arrange along with my mother in law while she was here with us on a visit. I'd a desired to collaborate with her for one song looking at her passion for Bhajan singing. We were looking at various songs then finally decided to go with this. Have … Continue reading Baare nammani thanaka – Bhajan



Some times even pretending like nothing i know - inspires, start my C scale from scratch. Learn, Unlearn, Relearn is the process, cycle to re-fill, know that it can be emptied. Above track i have produced using Ableton Live 10 and its presets.

Breathless Chaos – a Musical journey

Breathless chaos… That’s how the thoughts are sometimes- chaotic, isn’t it? Continuous, (un)connected, chaotic yet rhythmic. A confused state of “call it a series of thoughts, mind, being…” which then leads to clarity. However, it is inevitable, we can't skip them easily 🙂 This piece of music is somewhat representing the similar nature. Probably while … Continue reading Breathless Chaos – a Musical journey