Baare nammani thanaka – Bhajan

Following is a Bhajan i was able to arrange along with my mother in law while she was here with us on a visit. I'd a desired to collaborate with her for one song looking at her passion for Bhajan singing. We were looking at various songs then finally decided to go with this. Have … Continue reading Baare nammani thanaka – Bhajan

Breathless Chaos – a Musical journey

Breathless chaos… That’s how the thoughts are sometimes- chaotic, isn’t it? Continuous, (un)connected, chaotic yet rhythmic. A confused state of “call it a series of thoughts, mind, being…” which then leads to clarity. However, it is inevitable, we can't skip them easily 🙂 This piece of music is somewhat representing the similar nature. Probably while … Continue reading Breathless Chaos – a Musical journey

Blossom – Garageband Music Production

Have you seen Garageband on your iPhone, iPad or on the Mac? if not check it out today. Listen to the following piece of music, the base tracks are created using Garageband app from my iPad mini. In my opinion - music schools, along with teaching the music theories, it is essential to introduce … Continue reading Blossom – Garageband Music Production