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Wireframe – Frankenstein approach

One of the fastest ways to get your design ideas out of your head is to draw them straight on a piece of paper. Although, there are several tools available out there like Visio, Balsamiq etc. probably nothing is convenient than hand sketching.  OK, in this article I am talking about one of the early … Continue reading Wireframe – Frankenstein approach

Simplicity – a fundamental principle of product development

"Think like a user," said my boss when I first joined the company. We were working on a landing page strategy. He asked me a question "Do you think your grandmother can easily navigate through this page and take the action as we expect?". Wait a minute. Why would I build this page for my grandmother? Although … Continue reading Simplicity – a fundamental principle of product development

Breathless Chaos – a Musical journey

Breathless chaos… That’s how the thoughts are sometimes- chaotic, isn’t it? Continuous, (un)connected, chaotic yet rhythmic. A confused state of “call it a series of thoughts, mind, being…” which then leads to clarity. However, it is inevitable, we can't skip them easily 🙂 This piece of music is somewhat representing the similar nature. Probably while … Continue reading Breathless Chaos – a Musical journey