Baana thoredu neeli

When my friend pinged me this song on WhatsApp I wasn't having an idea that I would get stuck to this song so much. Probably i've heard it for 100 times on the same day... Addictive 😍 Following is our version, sang to satisfy the self... Couldn't wait to identify the right chords, we just … Continue reading Baana thoredu neeli

Aigiri Nandini – Trance composition

Mahisha Asura Mardini - Mahishasura is a buffalo demon in Hindu mythology, known for deception and who pursued his evil ways by shapeshifting into different forms. He was ultimately killed by Durga in her Mahishasuramardini form. (Wiki) Probably this stotram is popularised in the youth by AR in his album Çhaturbhujam. Click here to listen to his version. … Continue reading Aigiri Nandini – Trance composition