Simplicity – a fundamental principle of product development

"Think like a user," said my boss when I first joined the company. We were working on a landing page strategy. He asked me a question "Do you think your grandmother can easily navigate through this page and take the action as we expect?". Wait a minute. Why would I build this page for my grandmother? Although … Continue reading Simplicity – a fundamental principle of product development

Website built - modular approach

Modularity in Content Management System

You need a website? Try ... No, today I'm not talking about it. Instead, I want to share my observations on website builds, approach, CMS in brief. Among several projects I've been working on delivering corporate websites, campaign sites, landing pages, applications, at my company, Umbraco is one of the most preferred CMS and … Continue reading Modularity in Content Management System


Fair, Firm, Fun

"Hey team, what's your opinion about this task?, Do you agree with this solution? Common it's okay to make mistakes. Try not to repeat. It's okay, how can we resolve it together, and find an alternate solution?" Do you see how the above questions could possibly make a difference to positively manage the team? Fair, … Continue reading Fair, Firm, Fun