When to make my child learn music?

That’s a question many parents ask themselves. Let us explore what music means to us. Music is an amazing way to connect with your children whether they are babies or a little older. There’s music everywhere. In the calling bell, in rain drops , on television and various instruments.

Babies are introduced to music in wombs by sound and rhythm and also by lullabies. They recognise our voice by the time they are born.

There’s research that early age helps in developing musical ability in children. So as parents, we should allow them to explore music.

The benefits are numerous of indulging in music at an early age.

  • Speech recognition and development
  • Communication skills and so socialising and team work
  • Handling emotions
  • Cognitive skills
  • It reduces stress and relaxes.
  • Kids get better shut – eye
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Co-ordination
  • Mood lifter
  • Improves bonding
  • Can help develop routine and habit
  • Vocabulary development
  • Teaches empathy
  • Helps with sensory development
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Improves Math ability
  • Develops focus and learn patience
  • Happiness and self- esteem
  • Public speaking

So the next question is how to introduce music to kids.
1) You can introduce rhymes to the kids.
2) Sing to them. Whether it is bedtime or not.
3) Play musical games – musical chairs and clapping games
4) Let them play with instruments
5) Play music in the background instead of making them watch television.
6) Get them used to musical terms
7) Give them colouring of musical instruments.

By encouraging your child to love music , you will be setting their mind free. Children don’t listen to us , they observe us. So , if we indulge in enjoying music , our kids will too. Introduce music at a young age and show them how much fun it is.

This blog post was written by Shwetha Maiya. You can check her blog at Chutney Mix – (www.chutneymix.wordpress.com)


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