I was introduced to proper music school while i was learning my bachelor’s degree. It was one incident which triggered my ego and challenged myself as why i couldn’t/shouldn’t learn music. Whatever the reason, it turned as a blessing. Now, i could not imagine spending a day without playing an actual instrument or a music app on my phone.

An important take away or a lesson learnt from my teachers is “the aspect of freedom.” Whatever lessons my teachers were teaching; they always added a flavour of freedom so i could self explore, touch upon various possibilities. I may be doing wrong, yet that encouragement was really a needed element to understand what i could really do with my own imagination, or connect myself to that dimension of exploratory space.

Whilst this exploration phase, i composed these musical pieces, may be you could suggest (comment) a name for this “album”…

I have used Mainly LogicProx, Ableton Live as the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to produce these music pieces. Have only used the stock plugins, available loops. Each piece of music was inspired based on my own life’s journey, mental state, emotional glitch, love enhancements, blissed out moments, etc…

Sail – The journey to know the self

Sail – The journey to know the self



No Words – Thoughts Manifested

No Words – Thoughts Manifested…

Glimpse of Success

Glimpse of Success – Breaking the self…

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