Following is a Bhajan i was able to arrange along with my mother in law while she was here with us on a visit. I’d a desired to collaborate with her for one song looking at her passion for Bhajan singing. We were looking at various songs then finally decided to go with this.

Have used Logic Pro X, Boya condenser mic, Samson Graphite keyboard, Unison Midi, Presonus monitor 🙂

Below is the lyrics.

baare namma manitanaka bhaagyada dEvi
baare namma manitanaka |pa|

baare namma manitanaka bahaLa karuNadiMda jODisi
karagaLa eraguve charaNake |a pa|

jarada peetaaMbara neerigegaL hoLeyuta
saragi saravu chaMdra haaragaL hoLeyuta || 1 ||

haraDi kaMkaNa duMDu karadalli hoLeyuta
taruLana myaale taaye karuNaviTTu bEganE  || 2 ||


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