One of the fastest ways to get your design ideas out of your head is to draw them straight on a piece of paper. Although, there are several tools available out there like Visio, Balsamiq etc. probably nothing is convenient than hand sketching. 

OK, in this article I am talking about one of the early phases of product design. Wireframe –  The low fidelity design. Brainstorm your ideas, create the base design, compare, verify against the scope – the standard approach. Do it until you get it right.

At my workplace, it so happens that I will have to be ever ready for project requests, client meetings or presentations. So I keep something handy. These are my web kits 🙂 collection of content elements for the presentation layers. Instead of sticking to a tool, I play with these ready-made printed blocks to quickly showcase what is that expected. In case if I don’t have the element needed ready, I would draw them on a piece of paper and complete the page template. 

Various web elements from my web kits are stitched together in a modular way to create the Frankestine template, the intelligent one, to move to the next level. 

Wireframe image - modular design


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