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Simplicity – a fundamental principle of product development

“Think like a user,” said my boss when I first joined the company. 

We were working on a landing page strategy. He asked me a question “Do you think your grandmother can easily navigate through this page and take the action as we expect?”. 

Wait a minute. Why would I build this page for my grandmother? Although we had our persona’s in front, we were aware of our so-called targeted market why was I asked this question?

OK, here is the catch. He was helping me to understand “simplicity is the key” When he asked me “whether your grandma can use it”, he meant are you making the page easy, simple!   (I have seen my 2-year-old son is smart enough to navigate YouTube to watch his favourite – the Jungle Book cartoon show on an iPad. You know why we are talking about granny ) 

Know that I am still learning; as of now, the following steps have helped me to achieve to keep my work simple:

  • Finding pain points:  Necessity is the mother of invention. When you say necessity, you might have observed certain difficulties to manage a situation, process, product etc. What are those?!  Now review, talk to the users, find them, prioritise. Have a small workshop gathering the user group to brainstorm.  
  • Focus on what is important and what is it that you want to achieve e.g: I need my user to click on the following Call to Action Button (CTA) – Download. Check if the button is placed in the right place, is it readable, does the size of the button is noticeable etc. 
  • Minimise: As much as possible minimise the steps a user has to take. e.g.: You could provide the download button upfront on the web-page instead of hiding them deep inside. Enabling intuitive design principles to avoid users to take additional steps to complete the journey. 
  • Review it on regular basis: You know what? You may not get it right at the first time no matter how much you organise the above well in advance. That is fine. Continuous improvement should be part of the process. After all, change is the only permanent thing 🙂 

Can you consider the following landing page mockup for lead generation is an example of simplicity?


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