I bought this headphone Bose QC35 basically to avoid sounds which I din’t want to listen while I was staying at my friend’s place (that was a bit rude to say, isn’t it?). I had read several reviews which justified that Bose produces one of the best noise cancellation products and I bought it without the second thought.

First time when i connected it to my cellular phone via Bluetooth to listen to AR, and was stunned! It was sheer listening pleasure. Silence from outside, and I could hear almost every instruments which I was unable to observe otherwise.

Although I don’t have another product to compare, I’m fully satisfied and feel comparison is not necessary.

Observe these:

  1. Take a break, using headphones for longer duration may damage your ear
  2. Observe the volume level, although it’s noise cancellation you may still want to increase the volume as and when you go deep into trance
  3. Wearing it outside say during summer may not be comfortable as it covers the complete ear
  4. You may feel giddy when you use it for the first time due to noise cancellation. Again observe if you could manage it
  5. Depending on your cell phone you may find some glitches over Bluetooth

The best part:

  1. It is comfortable, completely flexible, durable
  2. Pure sound quality and moderate equalisation
  3. Comes with case, cable, app to manage noise cancellation and volume
  4. Of course it’s made by Bose, they have made it unique to satisfy the thirst

My playlist with Bose: (this may be Endless however adding few)

  1. Morning chantings and meditations
  2. This artist from Mexico Natalia La Fourcade has seriously influenced me these days – https://www.youtube.com/user/NataliaLaFourcade
  3. Probably I wouldn’t have known some serious musicians if I had not come across NPR channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/nprmusic
  4. Bryan Adams – the evergreen Rock star – https://www.youtube.com/user/bryanadams

And many many more…

Conclusion: in the past two years I have been thoroughly enjoying Bose QC for Music listening and production. If you have a budget to spend, then it’s the worth investment I must say.

Thank you BOSE…

Apart from the above Bose products could also help you fall in love with someone, and inspire your passion. Check this TVC

Please note: this is my personal review, and not influenced by any one else.


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