I’m a strong believer of “Karma.”

The more I want to escape from it, the more I caught into it. It’s like, should I say trapped into quicksand pit? More the struggle I get buried in quickly. I said Karma because I have to let it happen. That’s how the nature of Karma is, because the situation (for simplicity of understanding) is inevitable, and I’m here because of past action, memory, impressions or call it Karma. 

So is there a way to let go of the stress, struggle of attending long meetings or those circumstances?

I have learned to get inside the whirlpool somehow. It’s the peripheral which is swirling, Inside it is calm.

How? I see these circumstances are my lessons. These are for my own progress. To evolve, I got to learn. Only then, I can sip the coffee inside the cup happily. I can survive any meetings. That’s how strangers become friends, enemies help, I progress.

Keep calm, accept, explore, intensify subject knowledge, do your best, let it go… Inside you, keep calm.

Now, breath deep… Aaah… You are relaxed. Haven’t you 😉


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