It’s been my favorite hobby these days to observe the desert and listen to the waves which can very easily elevate one to a trance state. Somewhat, that dry wind fascinates me very much, the pattern it can create on the sand bed is marvelous. Basically the play of mother nature.

They (the enlightened) say the beauty is in the “Ünion”, a fundamental concept which always bonds Man/Womam together (Shiva+Shakti). Probably this thought influenced me to call this composition -“Lady in Trance”.

Please click on the follow YouTube link to listen to the track:

When I shared the initial track with Namratha she wanted to canvas paint a lady wearing Bedlah in maroon dancing in perfect trance mood through a mirage. What a brilliant thought! See how music would influence your creative process?

Here is the list of tools I used to create the composition:

Let me know what you think.


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