This time too i’d planned to land early so I could reach home before Bhagath wakes up 🙂… Thank God, he was still asleep & I was fortunate, could see his innocent gestures, that waking moments… Time flies so fast, He’s already 9 months old 😮… don’t know if he was able to recognize me or not but he welcomed me with cute smiles while I was still gazing at him. He was blinking trying to open his eyes expecting his Amma (mother) to cuddle him, Ah … that is it. What else could expect more? Perfect reunion, in the morning.

I’ve made an attempt to capture those expressions in the following composition… dedicating them to Bhagath & Namratha  Recommend using a headphone …


I’ve used Logic ProX, Samson Graphite, Apple Loops, Mac Book Pro.


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